Welcome to Sister Survivors

We are an international non-profit organization in operation since 2015.
     We support efforts to alleviate human trafficking, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation.

Alice Jay, the President of Sister Survivors Inc., is a survivor of child abduction, human
trafficking and sexual exploitation. She has 10 years of experience working with men and women recovering from trafficking and exploitation. She is honored to share her own recovery process with the world and be a torch in the darkness.
Alice is also the Author of
Out of Darkness (a Survivor's Story)
Who Am I Now? Workbook
Restoration Not Rescue Trainings
Sensitivity and Identificatio Trainings
Trauma informed Trainings 
by survivors and proffessionals
Out Of The Darkness
A Survior Story By Alice Jay
A brief Interview with Alice
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Out Of The Darkness
By: Alice Jay
This is the journey of an American slave traveling down the road where the children of the night are left to fend for themselves.  Here you will read a real life story of one who was trafficked as a child, well into adulthood.

What were the ties that kept her bound for so long? What was she really up against?

Reading this book will help you see just how important it is that predators are stopped and that our society be educated. This book will give you an inside look at a war you didn't even know exists, and it's all right in your backyard. Hundreds of thousands of women and children, all over the world are being tricked, coerced or forced into sexual exploitation and they have no way out. This is the story of survival!

     Alice Jay saw a need for survivor-led workshops in the HumanTrafficking Awareness movement .
The Sister Survivors program is the celebration of freedom and recovery from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. We do not disgrimnate we work with youth adults males or females.

What We Do
  • 10-week HT Workshops
  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Survivor Celebration
  • Survivor after care support groups
  • ​Survivor connect
  • Help with buss passes
  • Prevention Workshops
  • ​Awareness Workshops
  • Introduction to The Recovery Process 
  • Empowerment Rallies
  • Placement refferals
  • We supply hygiene products
Sister Survivors provides a sisterly love experience that is above reproach. 
From victims, to survivor leaders, to thrivers. 

Train the Trainers Workshop ​s are done by request
have a victim advocate/ survivor expert
​train your staff
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By donating to Sister Survivors you are shining more light into a dark world that exists right out side your window. You will help us continue spreading awareness and helping other survivors get through  dark times. Thank You for being a becan of hope.